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Carpets add a stylish-edge to your floors. This is also a part of our house and office that gets dirty quickly. Do you think by vacuuming you are done cleaning your carpets? Well, vacuuming only removed the superficial dusts. WIthout a regular cleaning regime, the dirt on the carpet can settle in and create a tough build-up. Being susceptible to germs and bacteria, it is important to disinfect the carpets for a safer living space.

With our years of experience in delivering a range of cleaning services, we have successfully specialised ourselves in professional carpet cleaning. Unlike other cleaning services, carpet cleaning requires utmost care and quality deliverance which our cleaning experts can render easily. We tailor our services as per your demands. We are flexible and ensure our services are satisfactory to you.

From antiviral sanitisation to tough stain removal, we are available for all kinds of carpet cleaning requirements. Simply give us a call on 02035925167 to book an appointment or to know further details.

Hot water extraction method

A method suitable for carpets made of wollen, synthetic and mixed fibre. It utilizes high-temperature steam to clean the stubborn stains and remove the dirt from the carpet. Following steps are used in this method of carpet cleaning:

  • Inspection of the carpet
  • Vacuuming the dust and loose dirt
  • Spraying the unique solution
  • Treating wit suitable detergent
  • FInal extraction and drying

Dry carpet cleaning method

For delicate and natural materials, this cleaning method is most favourable. In dry carpet cleaning method, a low moisture detergent powder is applied on the surface, then the carpet is rubbed mildly and lastly it is vacuumed to remove the dirt. Though this method cannot be used to remove the stains, it’s a great way to keep the delicate carpets fresh.

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