Medical Facility Cleaning Services in London

Are you in search of a cleaning company for your healthcare facility? Look no further and reach us. With our years of experience in offering healthcare cleaning services, we have become the superior medical facility cleaning company who can customize the services as per your requirements.

CQC Compliant Cleaning

Medical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and GP practises must maintain a safe and hygienic environment to stop the spread of infections. To maintain the essential cleaning ethics, all the medical facilities follow the Care Quality Commission(CQC) guidelines. These guidelines clearly state the cleaning methods and materials that need to be used.

Our cleaning experts are trained to adhere to these guidelines and prevent healthcare-associated infections. With over 25 years of experience, we have helped various clients across London to achieve the highest clinical hygiene standards. With a focus on cross-contamination prevention, our cleaners take utmost care and strictly follow the CQC guidelines for cleaning. All protocols such as wearing PPE, using gloves and hand washing are followed strictly without any fail. We also conduct monthly audits to ensure every guideline are followed. The audit outcomes are also shared with our customers to establish transparency and trust.

Our medical facility cleaning services include:

  • Regular cleaning of premises
  • Trauma cleans
  • Deep clean and sanitization
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Machinery and medical device cleanings
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning 

Don’t just clean. Get it ‘White Shark Cleaned’.

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What makes us the Best Medical Facility Cleaners in London?

Reliable cleaning company- Customised services that meet your needs

CQC and other standard met- Fully trained staff to meet the international standards

24 hours availability- To suit your need we operate round the clock

Value for money- Affordable and competitive prices

Regular audits- Monitoring our service delivery to meet your expectations